Kelsey Willock

Founder + Editor-in-chief 

Meet Kelsey. She is from Chicago, currently residing in San Francisco and the Founder of Stuck in Notes. She studied English and Business at Wake Forest University and always had a love for writing and creating. She created Stuck in Notes after years of writing hundreds of ideas, poems, songs and stories in her iphone notes and not sharing them with anyone. She believes in the power of putting pen to paper and believes even more in the power of sharing art and ideas to bring them to fruition. 

Jordyn Albritton

Creative Director

Meet Jordyn. She is originally from Columbus, currently residing in New York, and the Stuck in Notes Creative Director. She studied business at Wake Forest (where she and Kelsey met as sophomore roommates!!). She is a Fitness and Wellness enthusiast and creative at her core working most recently for Paper Magazine focusing on creative strategy.

Caroline Moran

Head of operations

Meet Caroline. She is from the Philadelphia, currently residing in San Francisco and the Head of Operations for Stuck in Notes.   She studied Communications and Biology at Loyola Marymount University and has worked in the experiential and advertising agency space. She is passionate about telling women's stories and their potential for growth which led her to joining the SIN team. We certainly don't know what we would do without her keeping us all on task!